Registered Architect, NM #3772
Registered Landscape Architect, NM #512
Registered Landscape Architect, AZ #62043

Tina is the Owner of Cherry/See/Reames Architects.  She has worked in the firm since 1992, coming up through the ranks starting as a student intern, and pioneering and establishing the AutoCad standards in the office.  Later, after receiving her architect’s license, she became an Associate, then Partner, and now Owner.  Tina is listed on the Department of Cultural Affairs Historic Preservation Division Historical / Architectural Research Consultant List under Historic Architecture.

Her strengths lie in her ability to work with people – during the programming process through construction. Tina’s positive attitude, patience, and fairness help her to maintain good working relationships with clients, consultants, and contractors.

Tina is a Registered Architect in New Mexico, and a Registered Landscape Architect in New Mexico and Arizona.  She provides landscape and site design for office projects and works as a consultant to other firms.

She served as the New Mexico State Intern Development Program Coordinator, a position she held from 2004-2016.  In 2011, she received the New Mexico Architects Medal, an Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects New Mexico Chapter in appreciation of her exemplary leadership in the profession.

Tina enjoys giving back to her community. Whether through serving as a landscape architect member of a CLARB National Committee, as an Honorary Commander to the Kirtland Air Force Base 377 MSG Civil Engineering Division, coordinating Swing Dances and giving tours at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial, or volunteering to support veterans and children with her Metro Rotary Club.